2023 Edition

BCETMB Practice Test

Try our free Massage Therapist Practice Exam below. Your results will be scored automatically and will display your strengths and weaknesses.

This practice test for the BCETMB exam consists of questions that cover each of the test sections: Communication, Law and Ethics; Evaluation, Planning and Documentation and  Massage and Bodywork Techniques and Application.

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1. What is the sequence of events that result in maintaining homeostasis?
2. What body system is specific to the skin, nails, hair and sweat glands?
3. What body system includes the joints of the body?
4. What body system carries the nutrients to tissues that need it?
5. What body system helps the body conserve water and salt and maintains body fluid PH?
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6. What is the name for the standard body position?
7. What are the major body regions?
8. The anterior part of the lower leg is what region?
9. Which statement is incorrect about tendons?
10. Diagnosing and prescribing are in the massage therapist's scope of practice.
11. If a condition is considered a local contraindication, massage should be administered in that area.
12. What is the cellular activity that generates energy from breaking down nutrients?
13. What is critical to a successful client assessment?
14. During the client interview, which of the following areas should be covered?
15. What is informed consent?
16. A therapist must consider both personal and professional boundaries. However, knowing the legal boundaries are outside of the scope of being a therapist.
17. For massage therapy during pregnancy, it is recommended that the therapist avoid both deep tissue massage and strong pressure applied to the legs.
18. NCBTMB standards include but are not limited to requiring that therapists: wear modest, clean and professional clothing; provide the client with an environment that meets all legal requirements for safety and health; keep their prices competitive and remain in good standing with NCBTMB.
19. To find the ulna nerve, you should palpitate which of the following?
20. In which body cavity is the psoas muscle located?
21. Where does the stomach channel begin?
22. Which part of the nervous system is activated in a fight-or-flight response to stress?
23. Lateral sprain at the ankle is caused by which of the following motions?
24. Psoriasis is best defined by which of the following conditions?
25. Blood levels of which of the following substances can be lowered with massage?
26. A client has arrived to your office who suffers from hypothyroidism. Which of the following steps should you take to make the client most comfortable?
27. The medial longitudinal arch should be palpitated where?
28. The medial epicondyle of the humerus is the bony prominence palpable on the medial side of the elbow.