2023 Edition

ASE L3 Practice Test

ASE identifies Light Duty Hybrid / Electric Vehicle Specialist Test as an individual service area (L3). The hybrid and electric vehilce specialist test involves the following components:

• Battery System
• Internal Combustion Engine
• Drive System
• Power Electronics
• Hybrid Supporting Systems
This free sample ASE L3 Practice Test below consists of 10 questions organized within 5 sections.
Tests.com's ASE L3 Practice Test was written by Dr. John Kershaw, an ASE test prep expert: ASE test question developer; ASE Certified Master Technician; ASE Master Truck Technician; and Auto Industry Technical Instructor.  Dr. Kershaw was among the first to receive ASE certification in 1972. 

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Battery System

1. Which of the following is least likely to cause a problem in electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)?
2. Using a DMM (Digital Multimeter), on a fully charged 12-volt hybrid electric vehicle auxiliary battery, how much voltage should the open circuit voltage (OCV) test show?

Internal Combustion Engine

3. The internal combustion engine on an older Ford hybrid electric vehicle will still not crank after a minor front collision and there is a stored diagnostic trouble code B2171 Inertia Input Switch Circuit open with no messages shown. Which of the following could be the cause?
4. A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle will enter the POWER ON (Key On Engine Off) mode, but will not go into the READY TO DRIVE (Key On Engine Running) mode. There is no diagnostic trouble code in history or active. Which of the following could be the cause?

Drive System

5. Technician A says you can use a digital multimeter (DMM) to check the resistance between negative and ground while cranking the starter. Technician B says to check the voltage drop between (+) positive and the starter terminal stud while the starter is cranking. Who is right?
6. Two technicians are explaining the use of high voltage rubber gloves when servicing hybrid electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Technician A says that you must be sure that the gloves are rated at least 500 volts and class "1" by American National Standards Institute/American Society for Testing Materials (ANSI/ASTM). Technician B says that leather gloves should be worn over the high-voltage rubber gloves to protect the rubber gloves from damage. Who is right?

Power Electronics

7. What color plastic conduit identifies 144 to 600 voltage cables in hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles?
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8. Two technicians are describing the AUTO STOP feature on a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). Technician A says that the PHEV shuts down the internal combustion engine (ICE) whenever the vehicle stops if the AUTO STOP criteria has been met. Technician B says the PHEV can come to a complete a full stop without any driver input. Who is right?

Hybrid Supporting Systems

9. To answer questions 9 and 10, refer to the ASE L3 reference document using this link in a new tab:  https://www.ase.com/uploads/L3Studyguide2021_210112_141628.pdf

A Type-2 hybrid vehicle without an auxiliary starter will enter READY TO DRIVE (KOER) mode but will not crank the internal combustion engine (ICE). Which of the following could be the cause?
10. On a Type-3 hybrid vehicle, the high-voltage battery pack falls to a predetermined state-of-charge, but the internal combustion engine (ICE) fails to start and it is in the READY TO DRIVE (KOER) mode. Which of the following is the most likely cause?

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Actual ASE A6 Topics

• General Electric/Electronic 
• Battery and Starting Systems
• Charging Systems
• Lighting Systems
• Instrument Cluster/ Driver Info.
• Body Electrical Systems 


Number of Questions on the Actual ASE A Series Tests

A1 – Engine Repair (60)
A2 – Automatic Transmission/Transaxle (60)
A3 – Manual Drive Train & Axles (50)
A4 – Suspension & Steering (50)
A5 – Brakes (55)
A6 – Electrical/Electronic Systems (60)
A7 – Heating & Air Conditioning (60)
A8 – Engine Performance (60)
A9 – Light Vehicle Diesel Engines (60)