2023 Edition

CHST Test Guide

The CHST Test Summary
What: The CHST test is a certification exam for those who work in construction health and safety.
Who: A combination of experience and education qualifies construction professionals for the exam.
Where: Exams are offered worldwide at Pearson VUE test centers.
When: Exams are offered year round.
How: The exam is administered via computer.
Type: The exam is multiple-choice.
Why: The professional certification helps construction health and safety technicians demonstrate their knowledge and skill level in safety and health issues.
Time: Four hours
Language: English
Preparation: Practice tests, study guides and other test prep materials are available to help candidates study for the exam.
Cost: $140 application fee and $265 exam fee

By: Erin Hasinger, Tests.com


The Construction Health and Safety Technician exam (CHST) is a certification exam administered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) for those who work in construction performing safety activities such as inspections, safety planning, job hazard analysis, health and safety training and accident record maintenance. CHST certification is used in many states, including Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Texas, as a qualifier for certain safety jobs. The CHST designation can also be used by professionals to demonstrate their commitment to their career as well as high-level competency in health and safety.


The computerized exam is comprised of 200 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within four hours. The exam includes four topics: program management, worksite auditing, training and professional responsibility.


CHST test candidates must have construction safety and health experience combined with either supervisory experience or college credit in health and safety. The Board of Certified Safety Professionals has four options for meeting the experience requirements:


- Three years of construction work experience and two years of construction

    supervisory experience

-   Three years of construction work experience and two years of safety and

    health experience

Two years of construction work experience and nine credit hours of college

     safety and health classes

One year of construction work experience and an associate’s degree in safety

      and health


Further, BCSP also maintains education requirements for the CHST exam. Candidates must meet one of the following options:


-   High school diploma or GED and work as an OSHA-authorized instructor in OSHA Construction Safety and Health courses

-   High school diploma or GED and 40 hours of formal construction health and safety training

-   High school diploma or GED and three years of experience in construction health and safety

-   Nine college credit hours of construction health and safety courses

-   Associate’s degree in safety and health


To apply for the exam, candidates must complete and submit an application form that includes college transcripts (if applicable) and detailed work history with references. Application forms are available through bcsp.org and are found within the candidate handbook.


The exam fees must be paid when the application form is submitted. The CHST exam carries two fees: an application fee and an exam authorization fee. The application fee is $140 for all candidates. The examination authorization fee is $265 for test candidates who plan to take the exam via computer in the US or Canada. For those who need to take the exam outside of the US or Canada, the exam authorization fee is $365. A pencil-and-paper version of the exam is available at US military DANTES sites and other locations for a fee of $2,595. The CHST credential must be renewed annually for a fee of $105.


Computerized exams are administered at Pearson VUE testing centers worldwide. A local test center can be found at www.pearsonvue.com/CCHEST. After a test candidate is approved to test by CCHEST, they may contact CCHEST to register. Following registration, test candidates receive an Examination Authorization Letter that includes instructions for scheduling an exam with Pearson VUE.


Following completion of the exam, test takers will be shown an unofficial test score. Official test scores will be mailed to the test taker’s home following verification.


To find CHST exam prep materials, visit the CHST Test Directory.